Saturday, August 18, 2007

Major changes are a foot

Oh boy! It's been longer than I intended since the last post. Theres plenty of excuses I can make for not getting around to posting here. Basically, I just haven't done it. Thats about it. Seems that time gets away from me faster than I would like it to. I hit the big four zero back in January. That was painful to say the least. A surprise birthday party made it a little easier to deal with. But, every day can't be a reality creeps back from time to time and I get bummed about it. Some things I can change, this one......I can't.

Kim and I have done lots of bike riding this year, mostly spring and early summer. It's been way to hot and humid lately to get out and huff up and down hills on a bike. I am getting a little weary of the heat. I want to be out in the woods doing what I love. Soon summer will end and the weather will break and be more conducive to strenuous activity.

Now for the big news.......for most if not all of my adult life and a good portion of my teenage years, I have had this deep desire to step back into time and live life as our ancestors did. Well, for the most part that can be a little difficult to do. But still the desire lingers and I keep an open mind about things and life in general and grab for the little things that feed that desire of mine.

One big step in that direction has always been the fact that I wanted to build and live in my very own log cabin.'s finally happening. Yes world......we are building our dream cabin. That accounts for my lack of mountainous type activities as of late. So for awhile at least this blog will serve a dual purpose, one is to chronicle our life on two wheels and the other is to keep a log of the progress on the cabin.

I suppose that I should say now that when I say "building our dream cabin", I literally mean that we are doing the building. HGTV calls it sweat equity. I just don't have much trust in allowing strangers to build a cabin that I will be happy with.

So, from here on out......I will post pics of the work, tell of our failures and successes and maybe, just maybe I'll have a bike riding story to throw in from time to time.

It all began when we came back from the GFM Highland games on the 15th of July. Dave was digging away with the dozer, so I joined the effort.

By the end of a very long and hot day, house seat was done, footers were done and we were ready for concrete.


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