Sunday, August 19, 2007

Step Two.......Pour concrete & Lay block

Things happen pretty dog gone fast around here. The construction loan was closed on (of all days) Friday the 13th of July. The next morning we were off to the Highland Games. We returned home on the morning of the 15th to find the excavation work already in progress. Monday the 16th I had the block layer come to give me an estimate on the job. Tuesday the 17th I ordered the block from Summit Building Supply in Burnsville NC., the concrete was poured on Wednesday the 18th and the block were delivered on Thursday the 19th. I was in a mild state of shock to see things flow go so well.

The block layers came on Monday the 23rd and got about half to block done before 12pm the same day. And then........well, lets just say that I discovered a cure to the drought we are in here in the South. Build a house and it will come. I gave some thought to just converting the house foundation into a swimming pool. It was full of water, all I needed was a filter since it was a bit muddy.

Nothing lasts forever, including the rain. It did finally clear up a few days later and the block guys were able to finish up the job.....well.....after the mistake they made was taken care of. Nothing major really, they just didn't build the wall that we had talked about the day before. But that was all soon in the past once we were all on the same page.

Here are a few pics to bring us up to the point that the foundation block was completed.

She way look a little confused, she may seem a little at a loss for words, she may even broken hearted.

All these things are true. I think more than anything, she just doesn't yet see all the possibilities in front of her.

After the concrete was poured, then came the block. Ah,...the possibilities are endless!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you two have really worked hard and Kim you are just the little carpenter aren't you. Mark you are a great photographer, those pictures are beautiful, I love pictures taken of just nature.

8:13 PM  

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