Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And The Beat Goes On

Work continues on the cabin project. The log exterior walls are nearing completion. The weather has been perfect for frying eggs and baking biscuits. Hot, hot hot! Our little corner of the planet is almost 16 inches behind the norm for rain fall this year. The ground is parched and crops are suffering. At least it has given me plenty of time to get along on the cabin accomplish things that rain would bring to a halt.

Kim is if official photographer for the cabin project. She has become the one in charge of documenting each phase and milestone along the way. Example.......while I am lifting, dragging and setting logs on the walls........she takes the photos. All in a days work I suppose. The smile on her face gets bigger each day as the walls begin to take shape.

My dad has been there without fail. He has more or less taken charge, as much as I will allow anyway. He has his ideas and I have mine. That is always the case I think. But in the end, there are no compromises. We usually come to some sort of agreement on things and keep moving ahead. Kim's dad has came down a few times and pitched in. Every little bit helps as the saying goes. Truth is, I couldn't imagine having 6-8 people there to do this kind of work. There is barely enough room to move around with just Kim, dad and myself there.

In spite of a record dry season, yesterday was a slight exception. It did rain for about an hour or so. Just enough to soak everything and put the breaks on any log stacking efforts that would otherwise occur. A day of rest however is certainly not a bad thing.

Kim and I went to an estate auction last weekend in hopes of finding a nice antique piece of furniture to put in the cabin. It wasn't to be. There was only one china hutch there that would be considered antique. It had a few problems. One of the doors was cracked, cracked glass, and it wasn't as wide as I would like to have a hutch to be. It sold for $160. Worth it perhaps, but not exactly what I was looking for. So we passed it by. We did manage to be the winning bidders on Craftsman generator. After a little tlc, she's running like a champ. Now if the electricity goes out for some reason, we are prepared. It can also run all my power tools for the cabin project. No need to have a temporary service to get electricity on site. I also was high bidder on a box full of Coleman lanterns. Since we have an outdoorsy personality, these lanterns can shed a little light on a dark camping trip. I think I have about five of those lanterns now. What? You can never have to many lanterns! Oh, we also got a box lot of boating supplies. Like we need boating supplies. I wanted the paddles to carve on and maybe hang up in the cabin at some point. It's better not to ask questions, so will become clear when the cabin is finished.

I will post some current pics of the progress in a day or so. Maybe tonight if I get a chance to fire up the puter.


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