Friday, February 17, 2006

It's been awhile.....

I suppose it is time I posted something just to kepp the dust from setteling on the blog for now. Winter has been pretty nice to us so far this year. Mostly in the 50's and 60's. The only real measurable snow we have had came this past weekend when about four inches fell on Saturday night at our little ever so humble abode. By Monday evening......only the slightest trace was left. Nonetheless, winter is still winter, days are short, outdoor activities are few if any at all and the dreams of spring seem like a distant fantasy that will never come true. I plan to get over the winter blahs in a big way as soon as the weather gets into a more predictable pattern. The goal is to ride the Blueridge Parkway from Boone to Asheville on the bike. If all is well at this point I will resupply myself and ride on to Cherokee. This will be a self supported adventure with no way out in case of some sort of bike failure or injury. So planning and preperation are very important for this trip. I have started a conditioning workout that will get the lungs up to snuff and a strength workout that will give me the power to get over those looonnnggg climbs. It will truly be a challenge no doubt. But when I am ready to get winter in the rearview mirror, I want it to be in a big way that says goodbye and so long to cabin fever and only dreaming of mountain tops, tent camping and crickets singing me to sleep. Come on Spring! I know your out there somewhere!
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