Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jump several weeks into the future

As is the case around here, updates are few and far between. Mostly because of lack of time to do it and partly because of lack of visible progress and a little bit of laziness as well. Maybe I'm just to close to the whole thing to be able to see any real leaps forward. That sometimes happens. It's been about ten months since we started and the time has come to sprint towards the finish line end get things completed. Work has been steady, still just Dad and me doing all the work with Kim helping hold things, move stuff and keeping the saw dust swept up.

So, I suppose that I should send up a few pictures to get things up to date on the blog. I really wont bother with a detailed pictorial account of everything, just enough to get current with the progress.
I will at a later date share a few of the details on the roofing crew that shouldn't be allowed to roof a dog house, but I shall not go there for now.

The pics......

Chevy trucks have never been my choice for the ideal truck. They do however, make a fine platform from which to install windows on a new cabin. Here, Dad proves my point with a demonstration.

The last major piece of the exterior construction is the kitchen. Here the ceiling and roof start to take shape.

Now the log siding and a window on a very cold and windy day, and yes of course it rained.

Foam insulation panels going up with Dad, Mike and myself going full blast to get it done while the weather is good.

The private deck for the master bedroom is taking shape.

Siding on the back of the cabin was fairly easy to put up since ther wasn't many obstacles to work around.
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