Monday, October 30, 2006 little time....

As we all are aware of, in our daily lives we never seem to have enough time to do the things we really want to do. Work consumes us. I am thankful to have a job and to be able to be productive in an enviroment that challenges my me. I love my job, not many people can say that. I have had several jobs in my lifetime and none of them make me as happy as this one does. It's been a long time coming. I spent many years in manufacturing type enviroments that really didn't pay well enough to be able to save for the future and always had me up against the eight ball when bill paying time rolled around. Juggleing bills and robbing Peter to pay Paul was a fact of life for a very long time. No matter how much money we make in our jobs, we always seem to think that we are worth more than we are getting, that is true with several people I have worked with or become acquainted with in my life. Juggleing bills is still a fact of life with me but, with age comes knowledge, I am a little more the wiser now than I was when I started out in life. My priorities have changed as time passed by. I wasn't even aware that they were changing, but they were and I changed right aling with them. In a couple of months I will be fouty years old, that is hard for me to wrap my head around for some reason. Just last week I was sixteen and had the whole world ahead of me and now I'm knocking on fourty. I really miss those younger years when I could fall from the highest tree and barely get a little scrape on my arm and now just walking across the floor has it's own set of dangers that has the potential to cause more than a little scrape.

Where am I going with all this talk about old age?
Well......I'm not really sure to be honest. I guess that life could be a little easier than it has been this year with Kim being on the sick list. God is taking care of her, she is moving right along in gaining strength and getting her gusto back again. For this I am enternally thankful.

Don't get me wrong, "Life Is Good" just as the million dollar slogan says, you know the one I'm talking every outdoors type store that you go into there they are, those t-shirts and hats that have "Life Is Good" printed on them. Yes, I am a victim of vanity, I bought one for Kim and myself back in early spring this year. I was tired of seeing everybody wearing those things knowing I didn't have one. There is something magic about that t-shirt, I only wear it when I am involved in some type of outdoorsy activity like hiking, biking and that kind of stuff. It changes who I am if only for a few hours out of the day. It somehow in my mind gives me a right to be where I am at that moment. It gives me passage to the place that I desire to adventure to. It's almost like a VIP pass to enter into an exclusive club or to go beyond the velvet rope and not have to stand in line with the "wannabees".

Life this year has not been as adventureous as I had hoped it would be, for that I am dissappointed, but on the other hand.....God had an adventure planned for us this year that I wasn't aware of for a very long time, and by that I am talking about the adventure that Kim and I had together with her health issues. It was an adventure indeed, just not the kind that I was looking for. We all face it at some point in life. How we handle it makes us who we are. I am glad to know that God can see the big picture from His vantage point. I have hiked up some pretty big mountains in my day and I have seen lots of things that most humanbeings will never see simply beacause of where they live or due to there own family budget problems, but never will I be able to see God's view of us down here floundering around like a fish out of water. I trust in the fact that He will provide and all will be well in time. It doesn't take all my worries away like it should, mostly because I hold on to them, but it does provide comfort when it is needed.

We have been able to sneek away from time to time and get a break from the dulldrums. There are pics of course that I will post in a day or two. Nothing really spectacular to speak of, just little shots of life as it comes at us. For now, be assured that I'm alive, Kim is alive and truly.... "Life Is Good". More to follow........stay tuned.
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