Thursday, November 09, 2006

Along the Blueridge Parkway

Here are a few pics from the recent drive along the BRP.
The colors were amazing this year.

Grandfather Mountain
Grandfather Mountain again.....and again.....
Grandmother Lake at the base of Grandfather Mountain.
It is located on the BRP side of the mountain.Driving towards the Lynn Cove ViaductOn the viaduct looking through the windshield of the car.The profile of a man lying on towards the sky.Oh.....yes, and of course a photo of Grandfather Mountain from the BRP

It is truly a blessing to have all four seasons here in my little corner of the world. But without a doubt, my favorite time of year is slipping away pretty fast. The colors seem to hanging on for dear life this year but I know that soon it will be over and winter will be blowing in. We take the good with the bad around these parts. Winter was once my second favorite time of year but it has slipped into fourth position as I gather a few more years and creep into what is commonly referred to as mid-life. As a kid growing up in the foothills of East Tennessee, I would run outside in the dead of winter and carry on like it was a mid-summer evening and never even catch a cold from it. There seems to be some rather suspicious relationship between mid-life and the clothing we wear. All of a sudden tight jeans become grease rags and on the next shopping trip I'm looking for pants that are at least three inches larger than the ones I wore yesterday. Vanity gives way to comfort and being freeze proof in my youth loses out to insulated boots and thermal underwear. Rest assured however.....while the waist line might expand with time, it will never rise and travel upwards towards my chin. Oh've seen it before, where the waist band is as high as a head band. ain't gonna happen!
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